Get Started On-Line With This Basic Marketing Funnel

You have the blog, you have the auto-responder, and you may even have a capture page, but for some reason you’re still not seeing the results you thought you would. People are looking at your capture page and then leaving like you just offered them a Bible at a Scientology conference. Setting up a marketing funnel is easy once you get a few concepts and strategies in place. Here is a funnel you can tweak and use with any online business.

Know Who You’re Talking To

Picture in your mind who your perfect prospect is – Is it a He or a She? 25-35 years old or 40 years old? New to the concept of starting a home based business? Is this a fair statement, it’s not what you say… it’s how you say it? clickfunnel discount code You would speak differently to a 40 year old man than you would to a 25 year old woman, right? Know your target audience and make sure you are speaking to them specifically. Being very specific with your message will do two things: 1) Connect with your target prospect on a very personal level and 2) Scare away the people you’re not talking to.

Pre-sell Your Capture Page with Your Content

You will see a lot of people putting out ads that have a powerful Hook or Headline. If you don’t capture your viewer’s attention with your headline, there is little chance that they will continue reading the rest of your message. You can also use stories that emphasize the benefits of your product and pre-sells the idea or peaks your reader’s interest enough to get them to visit your capture page. You can pre-sell in a video, an article, a blog post, or a Facebook discussion. However you choose to put your content out there, make sure it has these elements to effectively pre-sell your benefit:

  1. Frames or Identifies the problem that your benefit is going to solve
  2. Agitates the problem by conjuring up images of your reader being in pain, frustrated, upset, sad, miserable
  3. Teases your reader by asking them, “What if there was a way to experience [your product as a solution to their pain]?”
  4. Call to Action – “Go here to find out how you can banish cellulite for Good!” Compel your reader to do something with your content other than just read it. If you use video, you can even explain what they will see next and what to do once they get there.

Calibrate Your Capture Page with Your Content

Once you have built up enough anticipation, send your reader to your capture page. Make sure that the benefit you promised in the pre-sell content is listed somewhere as a benefit on your capture page. Using the Call to Action example from above, your capture page might say something like, “Learn the 2 simple moves that will banish cellulite from your body for good!” Think of the process like this… If you search for remedies for cellulite on Google and you get search results for breast augmentation, you’re probably not going to click on the results for breast augmentation because that’s not what you were looking for. Ideally, your capture page should list 3 to 5 solutions or benefits that are relevant to your reader.

To Freebie or Not To Freebie…

If you have given your email address to someone in exchange for information then you have a basic understanding of what compels people to exchange their information. A Free resource guide or access to a step-by-step video demonstration are both examples of Freebies that will get people to give you their email addresses. Depending on what you promised, you can deliver the freebie by a series of email messages or you can redirect your reader to a Thank You page where they can download your resource guide right away. People are looking to access information NOW, so don’t make them wait.


Promoting Efficiency In Industrial Fit Outs

If you are fitting out your premises, whether it is an office, shop or warehouse, you will want to have everything set up as quickly as possible.

This is equally true if you are fitting out a brand new location or upgrading existing premises. The work should be completed efficiently and with the minimum of disruption.

That is because the work to upgrade the premises will obviously cause disruption. Visitors cannot come to the premises while the interior is being fitted out. And if they do, it will be that much harder to impress them if they are greeted by a building site.

Also, construction work will have an obvious effect on how efficient your business operates. Work will slow down, and possibly have to be halted, while the fit out is taking place, and the additional health and safety consideration you have to take into account during construction can be a head ache.

So it benefits you and your customers if fitting out is completed as quickly as possible. However, quality needs to be the first priority, as cutting corners to meet deadlines will mean office fit out company you will have to spend more on repairs and maintenance in the future.

So how can you ensure that fitting out is carried out quickly and efficiently, with the minimum of disruption, while still retaining the quality you need?

Study contractors
Whether you invite contractors to tender, or you simply contact a few local companies yourself, you should carefully consider their previous experience.

Ask for the details of companies that have had their premises fitted out, and contact them to see how the work went, and how the materials stand up to everyday wear and tear.

Check their website to see if they regularly carry out fit outs, and whether they have the ability to carry out the work you require.

Also, make sure you agree on a deadline, as this will help ensure the work is completed promptly.

While it is tempting to choose the cheapest option and save your business money, this is not the wisest course of action. The short term savings are likely to be cancelled out by the money you will need to spend on maintenance.