About Health Insurance in Asia and Pacific Countries

The development of insurance has grown rapidly from time to time. Started from the awareness of important goods, it was growing into the awareness of personal safety on the voyage, and finally becomes more complex with the awareness of daily life and future securities.

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In all part of the world, insurance is part of modern life. There is increasing demand of insurance policies since life costs, especially health and education cost is increasing time by time along with the government policies about subsidiary and limitation of those living costs. Health insurance comes with different offers and coverage plans in different countries. Here is a precise explanation that clarifies you with information better in detail.


Australiauses Medicare as public insurance that covered general medical care for both hospitalization as well as medical treatment by physician or hospital. Government also build Medibank Private as the biggest private insurance company that owned by government as profit insurance enterprise.

Australian government allows many private insurance companies to stand out and promote their coverage packages. Australian government also introduces private surcharge packages, such as Lifetime Health Cover, Medical Levy Surcharge, and Private Health Insurance Rebate.


Japan Government divides two types of public insurance systems; Employee Health Insurance, and National Health Insurance. The second type of insurance are referred to Japan residents that aren’t included in employee-based insurance program all Japanese residents, permanent residents visa holders and temporary residents who hold more than one year visa should follow this insurance as part of residential requirements.

United Kingdom

UKgovernment run strict insurance system that is organized by UK National Healthcare System. This organization strictly cover the residents with free of charge health insurance system that coverall kinds of medical treatment from ill to health. The government also allow private insurance company. As opposed with NHS, private company cover certain health risks and certain medical requirements that based on the premium paid. This is an important issue in UK because this requirement limits the patients to find the best treatment for them while NHS allows all residents to get medical coverages in all hospital.

United States

United Statesresidents rely on their medical care to private health insurances. Public Health Insurance provided for low economic residents and disability people, which cover general health care. This public service refers to some requirements for those people who eligible to receive this public insurance.

In America, people offered with competitive markets of insurance companies. The coverage depends on the premiums and surcharge that people must pay. This issue becomes important homework for United States government to provide public health insurance systems that cover all Americans need.

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